Thursday, November 8, 2012


  • Birth name : Jang Hanbyul 
  • Stage name : Hanbyul 
  • English Name : Jason 
  • Birthday : July,04, 1990 
  • Birthplace : Brisbane, Australia 
  • Height :184cm 
  • Weight : 60kg 
  • Blood type : A 
  • Education : Queensland University of Dentistry 
  • Specialties : Voice Impersonations, exercise (snowboarding, basketball, soccer and run)
  • Position : Vocalist Ledaapple (2011-2015)
  • Profession : MC and Singer
  • Twitter : Http://
  • Admires : Kim Bum Soo, Kim Yeon Woo 
  • Talent agency: The Groove Entertaiment

Facts ::

  1. He joining LEDApple November and Debut 07.10.2010
  2. He the last member join LEDapple, former leader of the groub but he wass passed on to Youngjun 
  3. He considered as a “Perfect Idol” for being a straight A student along with his talents a performer and handsome looks. (WOOOW!!! Smartboy!! Teach me please :) ) 
  4. Prior to becoming a professional singer, he was actually studying at the Queensland University of Dentistry. (I’ll lining up to get my teeth done.FIRST IN LINE!! :D) 
  5. He’s also currently on a leave of absence from the Queensland University of Dentistry, and is known for being a model student.
  6. He is not fluent in Korean. Now, he finds it awkward to speak in English LOL!! :D 
  7. Since he has only been studying korean for a few years, it is difficult to understand him speak Korean. he couldn’t laugh at some episodes because he can’t understand. :D hahaha (POOR U!! -___- but now, u really fluent in Korean, right?) 
  8. He’s able to speak 4 languages : English, Korean, French and Latin. WOOW!!!! o.O 
  9. He moved to South Korea to fulfill his dreams of becoming a singer, after which he auditioned for a position in LEDapple. (FIGHTING!!!!! I'm with u(?)) 
  10. [I think] He really close with Kyumin. (this real!!! ENVY!!!!!!!!!! >>.<<) kkkk~

  • He as Hanbyul Potter bcz he love Harry Potter. (check it out their video in LEDApple Intertaiment) 
  • He have powerful vocals that can reach high pitched notes, Charming dimples with even more charming vocals. (I’m falling love with youuuuuu :D run too youuuu :D haha)
  • [I think] He's the best when show bbuing bbuing aegyo. :D haha (do u agree with me?) 
  • Hanbyul Potter waking up Hyoseok with “Wingardium Leviosa” also Hanbyul Potter losing to Kyumin Voldemort. (LOL :D I can’t stop laughing when I watch their video)

In an interview he says!!!
  • He said three physical traits he finds most attractive in himself is his eyes, nose and one dimple. (YES!! I like you.. I love me(?) hahahahaha :D) 
  • He had 3 wishes, member and family, all of them be happy, be healthy aaaaand the third is he wanna be Ironman(?) bcz he wanna be stark. (-_____-!!!) (the third wishes… LOL :D) 
  • He said if he born again,he would still be a singer. 
  • [Jokes] when he get up in the morning, He thinks, when would the shop open today? (-____-!!) LOL :D
  • He’s ideal girl type is all Leda bcz his pure. (really???) :D kkkk~ 
  • He said when he were to be left in a deserted island alone and he could 3 things. He will take 3 things is his stylist, his make up artist, his hair designer. LOL :D (u didn’t eating?) 
  • When he stressed he watch Spongebob. (We’re SAME!!! Hahaha :D) 
  • He said that the necklace he wore was a gift from his mother. the reason she give the necklace so that he always remember her mom and think about her alot. (so sweeeet!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH OF YOU :*) 
  • He ve so many habit, such as open his mouth when getting eye make up and getting eyelines. (^___^!!) (really?? :D)

Another Fact
  • He said his parent hit him when he told them he wanted to stop school & persue being singer in Korea. oooooooooooooooooo (-______-) 
  • His families known to have business in Australia. 
  • Hanbyul and M.I.B KangNam, N-Sonic JongUk & EunHo was known as ‘EomChinAh’. (means a boy who already have a good things since they born, handsome, smart, and rich. Another example is Siwon SUJU) 
  • The last is >> “I was born in Australia and now I took time off from the Dentistry department of Queensland University. My parents wanted me to enter the Dentistry and I agreed to that so I studied very hard. After entered it I still studied hard until I knew music. Also, in Australia I met friends with different nationalities, while we’re all studying together I learned four languages such as English, French, Latin, and Korean. Aside from that, what is best in Australia education is learning sports such as basketball, soccer, skin-scuba, shot put, spear throw, saxophone, snowboard, etc, there’s nothing I’ve never tried.”-Hanbyul-


with other members

nb :: Sorry, I dunno whats his Favorite color and his Favorite food bcz i can't get it when I'm search... about this facts I'm looking for 2 days made all the facts about him. I made all the fact by myself so if u wanna create a fact about him.PLEASE TAG SOURCE, CREDITS AND ETC! DON'T COPAS!! THANKS :)


  1. i just became one of his fan.. u help a lot.. his dimple made me completely forgot bout my bias in suju..

    1. aaaah~ happy to hear that :) me too i love yesung from super junior :)

  2. Thank you for the facts...i actually knowsome from the interviews

    1. your welcome.. iam so happy if you know about him :)

  3. thanks a lot to share! but i'm too curious with hanbyul's nationality. is he and his fams are korean? since his birthname is jang hanbyul. but his fams stay on aussie for another reason, rite? when exactly hanbyul moved to korea?

    ...OMG sorry for these questions, but he is too adorable to me and i just cant stay to not dig more info about him.
    thanks in advance!

    1. ur welcome :) I'm so glad if i can help :D
      hmmm~ I thought about his nation he was australian because he was born there .. about her parents bcause I'm not sure I heard her mother is Korean and his father i dunno, maybe its Australian ..
      his parents own a business in aussie so he and the family lived there, oppa had long wanted to be a singer, but her parents want her to enter into dentistry so when he enter, he parents gave permission for his dream of becoming a singer ..
      so, he went to Korea to start his dream of becoming a singer ..
      in korea he lived with his grandmother but now i dunno -_-

  4. its really amazing you got all of this. I had a hard time searching stuffs about him and i am so glad i found this one.
    by the way, are you a korean?

    1. hahaha.. thankyou dear^^~ I'm so happy when i can help you..
      yes I get all about him because I love him.. haha
      i always follow all news about him..
      but I'm busy,a little behind his news.-_- xoxoxo

  5. I never herd about his grandmother? haha by the way,I've been to ur account long ago and comeback again^^ I think Ive searched everything about him and watched a lot of their video but but still, I don't found anything about his personal life :)) hehe

    1. hahaha.. thankyou..
      ah, about the grandmother? I'm so sorry I dunno know about him..
      because oppa live with members of LEDApple now.
      so, he rarely visited his grandmother ):
      Well, talking about his personal life we can't get it all because oppa must have a personal life for a life as an ordinary human nature not as an artist or a singer..
      so, just to know what we get, don't try to know more than that..
      oppa might be sad if he could not live a normal life for a while and couldn't refreshing from his work.. hehe * justsaying (:

  6. I laughed a little too hard at "Education : Queensland University of Dentistry"

    Like why did I find that so funny